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A Little history about Us.
Concrete Designs, Inc. Was born in 1984 by James and Nadia Kidd in Surfside Beach, SC
This is the same site of our current operation.Originally the business oprated under the name Kidd Septic Tank, Inc. which built and installed septic tanks. Slowly we learned there were many additional products we were capable of producing.  We tried numerous items some were useful other's were useless.  We kept the good ones and tossed out the others. In 1986 we were given the opportunity to build pump stations for Grand Strand Water & Sewer. Successfully we met the deadline and delivered 400 of these vessels to the Longs & Bucks Port area's.  Today we still supply there pump stations.  Hurricane Hugo hit the Carolina Coast in 1989. Our product demand diminished. Due to the immense devastation from the Storm the following year all our work was directed as a debris removal contractor.  As the sun started to shine again, the construction industry blossomed.  During the next several years the company worked hard to continue to provide the highest quality of customer service and products that made us successful.  This introduced our new item expansions of manholes, car-stops, collars, catch basins, etc.  We were capable of producing nearly all sewer and drainage products except RCP.  In 2006 we embarked on our largest venture, a concrete pipe plant which was completed and producing as of February, 2009.

The operation has grown steadily over the years but is still manage using the same family business philosophy that was introduced in 1984.  None of this would have been possible without the support and dedication of my wife - Nadia, son - Ja, daughter - Janai, grandson - Jimmy, granddaughter - Jessica and our newest family member, in training,  four year old Reagan.  We were fortunate to have a customer base that supported us through the years and many employees for there continuous dedication.  We thank you and look forward to a successful future.

James A. Kidd

copyright 2009